Wharton’s 150th Birthday–And That’s a Lot of Candles

Dear friends,

Wharton’s 150th birthday is January 24th, just a few weeks away (she was an Aquarius, by the way). You might celebrate it at the Mount (http://www.edithwharton.org/), or curl up at home with one of your favorite Wharton works, or find a new one (http://www.amazon.com/Edith-Wharton/e/B00456E9BQ).

The Boston Globe writes this week that Wharton was just as much a bard of Western Massachusetts as a chronicler of New York high society: http://www.amazon.com/Edith-Wharton/e/B00456E9BQ.

Or perhaps, you can dream away the winter chill with thoughts of bella Italia. Look forward to seeing you in Firenze, six months hence.

best regards,

Meredith & Emily




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3 responses to “Wharton’s 150th Birthday–And That’s a Lot of Candles

  1. Jeanine Renaud

    Is it still possible to sign up for this conference?

  2. I’m not sure; please contact the conference organizers.